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About The Ingredients for Brand Growth

The Ingredients for Brand Growth is an initiative from DVJ Insights, an award winning marketing research and analytics bureau that supports clients in realising brand growth. The platform is made by and for marketers who want to engage themselves with brand growth. Together we seek the things that make brands great.

The Ingredients for Brand Growth is composed of three elements: an event, a study and expert interviews.  All these elements bring together marketing practice and science.

Brand Growth Event 2020

After three years of success in the Netherlands and the first UK edition in 2019, DVJ Insights has once again organised the Brand Growth Event on Thursday, October 1st. With over 600 registrants from over 15 countries, the event was a true international experience. Les Binet and Mark Ritson discussed the most important ingredients for brand growth, and focused on the role of creativity in particular. And you can now experience the event once more!

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Brand Growth Interviews

Harrie van Rooij & Bart Vording – Belastingdienst

Harrie van Rooij is Coordinating Advisor Communication at the Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration or NTCA) where he is responsible for the communication policy, both internal and external, and[…]

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Dirk Melief & Ties Carbo – Artefact

Dirk Melief is Director Digital & Data Marketing, and Ties Carbo is Consulting Director at Artefact, a digital marketing company specialising in data consulting and data-driven digital marketing. Artefact is[…]

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Dr Martin Bergmann – Beiersdorf AG

Dr Martin Bergmann is the CMI Manager at Beiersdorf AG in Germany and responsible for the market research projects in Europe. Next to the implementation of ad-hoc and quantitative projects,[…]

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The Ingredients

Brand Growth Event

Every year we organise our Brand Growth Event. We let the best speakers take the stage to share their take on how brands grow. Furthermore, we present the results of the ingredients for growth study.

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The study

The second part of our search for growth is a comprehensive quantitative study on the developments in the field of marketing.  The emphasis is on brand growth, alongside this year’s theme, among marketers.

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Expert interviews

Throughout the year countless interviews are conducted with top marketeers and CMO’s from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany. All interviews will be aggregated to give a sublime recipe for growth.

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