Mascha Colmans – Jean Mineur Mediavision

Mascha Colmans – Jean Mineur Mediavision

For this interview we spoke to Mascha Colmans, Sales Manager at Jean Mineur Mediavision. Jean Mineur is the biggest saleshouse for cinema advertising in the Netherlands. Besides sales, Mascha is also partly responsible for the marketing around cinema advertising.

Most important ingredient for growth
In her opinion, the most important ingredient for growth is the overall innovation in the cinema category. The innovation concerns the cinema experience for consumers as well as the cinema advertising business.

Mascha: “The growth in the cinema industry is innovation driven. The latest innovation is about the 4DX cinema’s. The extra 4th dimension is the augmented reality added to the movie with environmental effects. With 4DX we are able to move your seat during certain scenes, produce wind, rain or extra light effects. There are two cinemas with 4DX open in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and this year we expect three more in the Netherlands.”

Drivers in the market
The advertising market is a B2B-market. Especially the cinema part. “In our B2B advertising market personal relations are very important. We try to show our clients that we understand their business issues. Therefore, our team is very experienced and divers.”

Another main driver in the market of cinema and cinema advertising is the gamification of media. Mascha talks about an important trend in young target audiences: “Today’s youth consume media as a game. They think they are in control. On a larger scale they are actually in control of the raison d’être of media.” Mascha mentions Fortnite as an example: “The success of Fortnite is enormous. This is not only because of the cross-console option, but also because of the fact the they activate an entire generation. Fortnite is building a bridge to other media and entertainment industries by using characters in the game from blockbuster movies.”

The main KPI for understanding the effectiveness of media

For the B2B media Jean Mineur focuses mainly on the visibility of their content. “For the understanding of the effectiveness of the campaigns from clients, we have a close partnership with DVJ Insights. They measure the possible impact of cinema advertising for a large number of our clients. These measurements also play an important role in our media strategy. It proved to be a great help to bring brand impact of cinema advertising to life and therefore helps to convince potential clients to use cinema as a video medium.”

Biggest mistake in Media and why?

To Mascha’s opinion the biggest mistake in media is the use of existing safe methods. “Advertisers sometimes settle for proven methods. For instance 90% budget for TV with 100 GRP’s per week and add 10% digital. But there is so more much when you are a little more creative. I believe that it also helps to stand out of the crowd better. Another often made mistake is too much focus on existing clients and therefore missing out of the potential in the market.”