What is it?

Ingredients for Brand Growth is a platform for and made by marketers who want to engage themselves with brand growth. Together we are looking for the things that make brands great. There are many publications concerning this topic, particularly by Byron Sharp. But does it actually work in practice? Why does or doesn’t this work? Ingredients for Brand Growth is a platform that wants to get insights and share the best and worst cases with other marketers.


Ingredients for Brand Growth’ is an initiative of DVJ Insights. DVJ Insights is a marketing research and analytics bureau that supports clients in realising brand growth. DVJ is located in London and Utrecht (the Netherlands) and conducts a lot of research on brand growth. In June 2018 DVJ Insights won the prestigious MOAward for the best research agency in the Netherlands.

Mediapartners are Adforgroep in the Netherlands, and Marketing Week in the UK. GO TO DVJ INSIGHTS

Throughout the year multiple interviews are conducted with marketing and media managers in both the Netherlands and the UK. All interviews will be aggregated to a sublime recipe for growth. In addition, we organise our annual event where we share the experiences of marketers with others.


The second part of our search to growth is a comprehensive, quantitative study on the developments in the field of marketing with an emphasis on brand growth among marketers, which is conducted in both the Netherlands and the UK. The results are annually published on this platform and of course during our annual Brand Growth Events.


After the success in 2017 and 2018 in the Netherlands, we are once again organising the Brand Growth Event  in 2019. This year with events in both the Netherlands and the UK. This year’s theme: the role of Innovation.

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