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Nicolas van Bekkum

Nicolas van Bekkum is Commercial Director of FarmCamps and is responsible for sales, marketing and ICT. FarmCamps is a Dutch travel organization, providing luxurious glamping holidays at Dutch farms. The first question is about the main KPI’s for growing your brand. What are these for FarmCamps? Nicolas is clear on that: “More satisfied customers! Everything…
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Bart Jan Scholte – Fatboy

  Fatboy. Design products with a smile In 1998, the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä designed a beanbag unlike any other. Fatboy is – as many people think – not named after the firm shape of the beanbag, but after the artist Fatboy Slim. That name was on a CD cover which Setälä received in the…
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David Verschoor – De Hartstichting

David Verschoor is the Director of Marketing, Partnerships & Communication (CMO) at the Dutch charity foundation De Hartstichting. This foundation has a mission to decrease the number of heart diseases by executing a comprehensive fundraising program. David is member of the management team and responsible for a department of 70 experts and professionals. In recent…
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Maaike Maagdenberg – Cloetta Holland BV

Maaike Maagdenberg is Marketing Director at Cloetta Holland BV. Cloetta has a leadership position in the Dutch sugar confectionery market with number 1 or 2 positions in liquorice, gum and bagged candy. Leading brands in the Netherlands are Red Band, Venco, Sportlife, Xylifresh and King. Cloetta has a strong heritage in The Netherlands, dating back…
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Mascha Colmans – Jean Mineur Mediavision

For this interview we spoke to Mascha Colmans, Sales Manager at Jean Mineur Mediavision. Jean Mineur is the biggest saleshouse for cinema advertising in the Netherlands. Besides sales, Mascha is also partly responsible for the marketing around cinema advertising.

Cilesta van Doorn – Tele2

Cilesta van Doorn is listed #21 in the Adfo CMO top 100 ranking 2018. When she started at Tele2, some years ago, she had the challenge to change the Tele2 brand from a price fighter into a value champion. “You get the clients that you deserve.” According to Cilesta the clients of Tele2 -before the…
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