Brand Growth Theme 2019: Innovation

Last year we interviewed over 50 CMO’s about brand growth. Over 500 marketers were questioned in a quantitative study, with trends over 2 years. Last year we focused on the theme media, and we came across a lot of interesting ingredients for brand growth. Consistency and vision were mentioned a lot. But, there was one clear winner.

Last year’s Brand Growth Study showed us that innovation is seen as the key ingredient for growth. We uncovered that companies that grow spend more time and money on innovation, as opposed to companies that don’t realise growth.

Which led to this year’s eponymous theme. Innovation is a key driver for growth. But, 70-80% of innovations fail in their first year, with inadequate market analysis being the most important reason for these failures.

That’s why this year, we want to uncover what the role of innovation in brand growth is. Why are introductions failing? What is the main source for innovation? What about trends? Pitfalls? We are asking it all in 2019. Stay tuned for the first interview this year, and for more information about our annual Brand Growth Event.


Expert Interview

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