Brand Growth Theme 2020: Creative Development

After media and innovation, we once again have a new theme lined up for the Brand Growth concept this year. In 2020 we’re focusing on the role of Creative Development. For years we’ve been hearing that good creatives ensure that the GRP’s work better. But at the same time, we notice that in many organisations reach, media and media pressure receive a lot of attention. Creative development doesn’t seem to get that same treatment, or until much later in the process. But there are more fields of tension when it comes to creative development. Think of the role of the people in the creative department that want to make nice things above all else. But do ‘nice things’ correlate with ‘effect’? And how consistent, or inconsistent, do you have to be?

At the end of last year, a publication revealed that the effects of communication have gone down considerably in the last 10 years. Which would be caused by the fact that creatives don’t have as much depth anymore, and are therefore less responsive to emotion. Is that truly the case, or is this an effect of the fragmented media landscape? This year, we are once again presenting these and many more questions to more than 100 top marketeers in vision meetings in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Followed by a large-scale quantitative study in partnership with Adformatie, Werben & Verkaufen and MarketingWeek.

Brand Growth Event Digital

With our first digital edition on Thursday October 1st, the Brand Growth Event will be different this year. Despite a different format, the ingredients remain the same. Several international top speakers and marketers will present their vision on brand growth and creative development, and, as always, we will share the results of the Brand Growth Study – this year across 3 countries; The Netherlands, the UK and for the first time in Germany.

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