Sim Dehra – Client Consulting Director DVJ Insights


Sim has over 15 years of extensive experience, helping brands grow through an Insights lens. She is a hybrid between a Consultant – Business Developer – Strategist and has held key positions at three of the top five market research companies in the world. She is a passionate, creative thinker, who loves a challenge and has delivered successful projects across FMCG, Telecommunication, Automotive, Retail and Finance sectors etc.

Over the years, she has worked in the Media and Advertising industry and some of her key achievements include:

  • Founding team member of the Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) team at GFK NOP UK
  • Instrumental in setting up the Media and Advertising division at MetrixLab UK
  • Delivered strategic research studies such as ‘Building Brands Online Trilogy’ in collaboration with the IAB
  • Developed Ad-Effectiveness guidelines in collaboration with the IAB & AOP rolled out as the official industry guidelines

She is currently helping clients adopt more “fast and agile” ways of working and delivering cost efficiencies across their business. In addition, helping them embed longitudinal research programs that deliver on Brand Growth with the unique use of Mass Qual methods to capture a “social media audience”.