Theme 2021

After media, innovation, and the role of creatives last year, we once again have a new theme for Brand Growth in 2021: Data-Driven Decision Making. The choice of theme is based on previous Brand Growth editions and various studies with marketing organisations: marketers foresee a major role for data-driven marketing. Data-driven decision making is seen as one of the most important challenges by marketers. There seems to be visible friction: on the one hand, more and more automated (marketing) processes are based on data, and on the other hand, there is a movement that brands should become increasingly human.


Study and event

This year we are once again questioning top marketers from the industry to find out how they view brand growth and what the impact is of data in their day-to-day, and their outlook to the future. But we aren’t just involving marketers, we are also presenting these questions to Research / CI Managers and Data Managers. Followed by a large-scal quantitative study amongst 2,000 marketers and insights professionals in Europe. All results will be presented during the virtual Brand Growth Event later this year. More information will follow.